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Our mission is simple.  We enjoy our horse trails and want more.  To achieve this we must bring together our trail riding community and the management of our public lands and build a solid relationship for the betterment of all trail users.  Our Mission is as follows:

  • To preserve and maintain horse trails and natural resources in Nebraska to be enjoyed today and for future generations
  • To conserve and promote enjoyment of horse trail use throughout Nebraska's diverse and scenic landscape
  • To create opportunities for the education and cooperation of all trail users and land owners regarding the issues of involving horses in the natural environment

The Nebraska Horse Trails Committee (NHTC) of the Nebraska Horse Council was established in August 2000 and has a statewide presence since its inception.  The goals then and today include promoting trail riding, providing educational opportunities and preserving horse trails in our state.  With the popularity of horse trail riding booming in our state, this committee has worked side-by-side with park officials adding more horse trails, clearing existing trails and improving trail heads and horse camping provisions in these public parks.  Through the fund raising efforts of the NHTC, most notably, The Horse Trail Riding Expo and The NHTC Trail Challenge, this group is able to financially support many trail projects.  The Nebraska Horse Trails Committee, Inc., (a 501(c)(3), became its own entity in 2017.  

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