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Friends & Ambassador Award

Keeping horse trails open in Nebraska is not just the responsibility of land managers.  In many situations, it is left up to those who are passionate about trails.  People who volunteer their time, talent and in some cases, muscle, to maintaining trails for all horse enthusiasts to enjoy.  

A friend of the trails might be a volunteer who freely gives his or her talents to our organization or a trail or trail head for all to enjoy.  It could be a park superintendent who has gone above and beyond to accommodate horses and horse traffic.  Or it could be a benefactor or educator for our organization or the trails.  

This award will be presented at the 2020 Horse Trail Riding Expo.  Nominations are now closed. 

Past Award Recipients

2019:  Alice & Randy Auer, Dave Kinnamon, Mary Larsen, Jon &  Tyler Larsen

2018:  Sherry & Dave Reeble, Ronnie Meyer

2017:  Sharron Ankersen, Betty, Keith & Kyle Vering

2016:  Tanya Lynch

2015:  Shannon Schraufnagel, Christine Wilson

2014:  Shari Parys

2013:  John Vasa, Mike Anderson, Rich Newberg

2011:  Dave Wolfe, Alan Zastrow

2010:  Pattianne Belitz, Brenda & John Wortman of Turkey Creek Ranch

2009:  Anita Hertner, Mary & Dwight Hanson

2008:  Vicki Fraiser, Vickie & Jamie Sich

2007:  Kathy Newberg, Fred Witte

2006:  Tammy Vasa, Wayne Brandt, Tom Morrison, Dan Schultz


*Nominations must be submitted annually and will not carry over to the next year. 



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