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Nebraska Trail Locations

You would think a state like Nebraska - which is rich in cowboy history - would have lots of places to ride.  While we do boast some pretty locations, only 2% of our land is public land and even less allow horse trail riding.  Scroll through this section to find places to ride your horse including those areas which allow camping.  Visit with the land manager or ranger and tell them how much you appreciate their trails.  

You will find the map below on Google Maps.  Click on this link Google Horse Trails in Nebraska - to take you to that interactive map. 


Trail Booklets Available

What was the best part about putting together a book of Nebraska horse trails?  Having the opportunity to ride a lot of those trails in order to report back the most accurate information!  

This guide, written and compiled by Tammy Vasa of Weston, Nebraska,  was a multi-year project researching the most popular (and some best kept secrets) for horse trail riding in Nebraska.  You will find all sorts of riding opportunities:  prairie, canyons, bluffs, sandhills, buttes and more!  Nebraska is quite diverse!   Maps, GPS tracks and photos are also shown in the booklet.  

To locate trails in Nebraska, you are invited to click on the link below download* a PDF of our booklet.  (Please be patient as it is a large file.)  There is no cost for the download.  Donations to our organization are always welcome.    *(Adobe Reader is required.) 


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