Participate in Kelli's Clinics

Basic Session:  Applying Groundwork Skills to Trail Riding

During Saturday's session, learn how your body language effects everything you do with your horse.  Apply it to sending your horse over trail obstacles.  Then mount up and see how our body effects our horse while creating rhythm and relaxation when traveling on the trail and over obstacles.

On Sunday, be prepared to really understand the hindquarters and how to use them first to create safety and then to develop collection. On the ground we will use timing and feel to direct the feet then understand how it applies to despooking.  Then mount up; we will then apply it to our riding. Learn exercises to develop collection to increase the longevity of our horse and the smoothness of the ride!

Advanced Session:  Applying Groundwork Skills to Emergencies and Disasters

Sometimes we come across real life trail situations that require a little more confidence, skill, determination and grit.  Apply your skills to sending over large and/or scary obstacles including water and creeks, and fallen trees. See why groundwork works. We will then drag larger objects - perhaps a stretcher with an injured rider or a small tree.  

Sunday: Encounter Disaster and Emergency situations. Advanced despooking!  Solidify your despooking skills and confidence working through noises and sirens, smoke, wind.

Limited to 6-8 participants.  Entries based on first come, first served.  

Open Riding on Obstacle Course

Would you like to try our horse on our obstacle course?  Open riding under Kelli's direction will be available early Sunday morning for about an hour.  $20 riding fee plus daily admission.  Register online.  Stalls available for additional fee or haul in and out.  


Online entry is the quickest and easiest way to sign up for our events.  If you are unable to enter online, please scroll to the bottom of this page for paper entry instructions.  


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Please read closely before hitting SEND

  • No horse wash stations.  Please bring a clean horse
  • Please bring your own stall shavings
  • Clean your stalls upon departure - otherwise hard working volunteers will have to do it for you
  • Do not bring extra horses
  • Trailers must be parked in designated area.  No electrical hook-ups
  • Check in after 3:00 PM on Friday until 8:00 PM; or after 8:00 AM on Saturday/Sunday 
  • Check in at west entrance to event center
  • Out of state horses must have negative coggins and 30 day health papers
  • All horses overnighted on grounds must be stalled
  • As a courtesy to other horse owners, please have your horse current on vaccination
  • Entry to the event is non-refundable and considered a donation
  • The Nebraska Horse Trails Committee, it's officers and volunteers, Chance Ridge Event Center & their staff are not responsible for accident or injury while participating in this event
  • No Stallions
  • HTRE reserves the right to reject any applicant 


Under Nebraska Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to sections 25-21,249 to 25-21,253.

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Online entry is preferred.  If you are unable to enter online, please print, complete and mail this entry form with appropriate payment.  

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