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WANTED : DIY Trailers

Bring Your Trailer to Expo

Do you convert your horse trailer to a "living quarter trailer" when camping? 

Is your living quarters trailer a "Do It Yourself" (DIY) conversion either by you or another party?

Did you buy an empty trailer and have it converted by a conversion company? 

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, would you like to display your trailer at the Horse Trail Riding Expo near Omaha on March 21/22?  

The Horse Trail Riding Expo is all about trail riding and camping. We enjoy showing our guests what others have done to their horse trailers to make it camping ready.  We are looking for a few trailers to display at our Expo for the duration of the show.  Would you like to display yours?

Here is what we are looking for:

1)  Conversion as stated above (by you, another person, a former owner or a conversion company).

2)  The trailer does not have a factory interior.

3)  Must be able to bring trailer to Expo on Friday, March 20 and display for the entirety of the show.  Trailer will be removed approximately 4:00 PM on Sunday, March 22.  Trailer cannot be brought in later or taken earlier as other displays may be built around the DIY trailer display.  So we must have this commitment.

4)  Trailer must be open for our guests to view.  Bring area rugs to limit dust.  Bring extension cord (with your name) if it needs plugged in.  Trailer should not contain valuables.  

5)  Trailer will be shown inside our facility.  It is not necessary to de-winterize.  

Please complete the form below if you are interested.  Ask any questions in the comment section.    Our chairman, Alice, will contact you with information if your trailer is chosen.    

In the comments, please mention the size of your trailer and if it is a gooseneck or bumper pull.  Any other pertinent information is also appreciated.  

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