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Select the tickets that you would like to order. You will be able to enter individual ticketholders' info on the next page.

Riders who regularly complete (over 2 times per year) in sponsored or non-sponsored Trail Rider Challenges or similar trail challenge events must enter this class. Open to all riders.

For the casual rider who rarely competes in the Trail Rider Challenge or other trail challenge events, sponsored or non-sponsored, virtual or live. Rarely is defined as entering less than 3 trail challenge events per year. Your entry is based on the honor system and your integrity is worth more than a ribbon!

Junior riders who are experienced with trail rider challenge type events are invited to enter the OPEN division.

New this year. Ride along with your friend and play the I Spy along the trail. Enjoy the meal following the ride but you will not be allowed to try any of the obstacles nor will you be entered in the Trail Challenge competition.

Please enter the number 1. At check out, you will have the opportunity to opt-out of the meal option.

If you plan to bring a non-riding friend and would like them to join us for dinner following the ride.

This release must be signed to participate in this event. Select "1" next to this entry. At check out, your electronic signature will be needed.

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