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If you have reached this page, you have signed the Liability Waiver. 

This form is for entry of one rider.  Must return HERE to enter more than one rider.  

Please follow instructions below for registration for this event.  Thank you for participating in our event. Your participation contributes to the success of the Nebraska Horse Trails Committee and our trail improvement projects.

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Each Entrant must complete this form.

Return here to enter another rider.  

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Please read closely before hitting SEND.  Please print page for your information.  


    1.  Entry fee must be received by October 27.  (Walk ups day of event is $75 per day and will not include meal.)

    2.  Entry fees are non-refundable and considered a donation to our organization. If NHTC cancels event, we will provide a refunds for your entry fee.  If you ordered a tee shirt and the order has been processed, we will mail to your address.    

    3.  COVID19  If the Governor of Nebraska has issued new guidelines or restrictions due to the Covid pandemic which would disqualify this event under his guidelines, or require masks or other precautions, we will follow the guidelines.  See #2 if we are forced to cancel.  In addition, signing the entry form is acknowledgement and agreement to our liability waiver.  For more info on COVID concerns.....

    4.  No riding double or ponying another horse.

    5.  ALL Riders, including Juniors and Ride Alongs, must be able to independently ride a horse & follow judge's instructions.  

    6.  All riders participating with the Trail Challenge must be paid entrants and in one of the CLASSES shown above.  

    7.  No dogs on the trail and dogs must be leashed in camp.

    8.  Clean up manure in your corral, campsite, or beside your trailer.  

    9.  HAVE FUN!  This is not an Olympic event!  Its for spending time with your friends, your horse and getting to know the NHTC and our events!


Under Nebraska Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to sections 25-21,249 to 25-21,253.

By hitting SEND, you have agreed to the above terms.

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